Join us - Bioinformatician or systems immunologist position

The i3 laboratory ( is seeking to recruit a bioinformatician or a systems immunologist with a strong interest in the analysis and interpretation of high-throughput T-cell receptor data analysis.

The i3 lab secured 3 major grants in the field of systems immunology of autoimmune diseases (AIDs):

• TRiPoD is an ERC grant aimed at studying the TCR repertoire of regulatory T cells in health and diseases

• Transimmunom is a Laboratory of Excellence aimed at deep phenotyping of 1000 patients with various AIDs (

• iMAP is a Recherche Hospitalo-Universitaire grant aimed at developing low dose IL2 as a therapy of autoimmune diseases, and likewise study the biology of IL2 in humans


These three programs are producing a unique and massive collection of clinical and biological data in several AIDs, transcriptome (by RNA-seq from PBMC or from sorted two T cell populations), including deep immunomonitoring (by flow cytometry), TCR repertoire (by Rep-seq), and microbiome studies (by metagenomics) with the aim of identifying biomarkers, which will ultimately sustain the rational development of innovative biotherapies. More recently, the lab has acquired a 10X genomics instrument for single-cell sequencing of transcriptomics profiles.


We are seeking a bioinformatician or a systems immunologist for analyzing massive multi-omic data collected in the framework of the iMAP project. The candidate will apply in-house developed methods and propose additional strategy to integrate multi-omics data across multiple human data obtained from the 4 clinical trials.


The laboratory is offering a unique interdisciplinary environment, with biologists, immunologists, clinicians, computer scientists and bioinformaticians. The candidates will be based in the i3 laboratory located on the Pitié‐Salpêtrière hospital campus in Paris (13ème).


Candidate profile:

The candidate should hold a MSc degree in bioinformatics or systems immunology. A significant background in biology, immunology or medicine is also mandatory. A first experience with R tools as well as high throughput data analysis, management and integration are required. Positions are currently for up to 1 year. Salary will be commensurate to experience.