The following committees are planned in order to manage scientific and technical aspects of the project:

  • The Operational Committees (OC):

    Each workpackage is led by one leader and two co-leaders:

    • WP 1: Implementing Deep Phenotyping and Immunomics
    • WP 2: Cross-Phenotyping in the Inflammatory/Autoimmune Diseases Continuum
    • WP3: Biomarkers and Biotherapies Evaluation
  • The Executive Committee (ExeCom):

    Is composed of the scientific and technical director together with the leaders of the respective workpackage. The Executive Committee meets once a month (plus any time required by the activities) and is responsible for all the operations:

    • ​Implementation of the global strategy, with changes from pre-existing plans as required by the evolution of the work and the fields
    • Prepare and operate all the communication tools (website, leaflets…)
    • Define, review and allocate the budget
    • Review of the WP progress and reports; approve and/or make recommendation 
    • Review of education activities and reports; approve and/or make recommendation 
    • ​Review of valorisation and exploitation activities; approve and/or make recommendation
    • Prepare yearly report
  • The Scientific Committee (ScC):

    Is composed of a member of each Work Package and 4 external scientists. They meet once a year to review the advance of scientific and educational programmes and provide advice as to the necessary adjustments to be done. It will also make proposals for dissemination (i.e. scientific meeting) and training activities:

  • The Strategic Committee (StC):

    Is composed of one representative of each scientific institutions (PRES, CNRS, INSERM and UPMC) and their industrial partners (ILTOO, Prediguard and Pharnext) and two additional members, one scientific and one industrial. They meet once a year to:

    • ​Review the reports by the ExeCom and ScC
    • Approve these reports
    • Make proposals to reinforce TRANSIMMUNOM
    • Appoint the Director, after reviewing the scientific committee proposal
    • Can de-instate the Director by a vote of 2/3 of its members 
  • Valorization

    A Business developer from one of the TRANSIMMUNOM SME partners will overlook valorization aspects.

  • ​Dissemination and publications

    ​Two members will overlook the publication and dissemination aspects. They will prepare the annual publication report with a critical review of the TRANSIMMUNOM publications Impact Factor and visibility. They will propose and organize the dissemination events such as scientific meetings.